AnchorBuddy Mobile App for Anchoring

We are delighted to announce the release of AnchorBuddy – an app for mobile devices to assist when calculating the depth to anchor and scope to use.

It has been developed by two Club members – Stephen Gorst and Austin Goudge – and is completely free to use.  It doesn’t require an Internet connection once it’s downloaded and is available for both iOS and Android (phone and tablet).

The Club even gets a mention in the credits!

Download it from the following links:


Gwennol’s Cruise, 2014

Our boat, Gwennol, is a 23 year old, 31 foot Jeaneau Sun Odyssey, with Yanmar 2GM20 engine. The fuel capacity is 10gall, plus a 5 gall jerry can, say 70 litres in all.

The crew, with main responsibilities were Pat Tyson-Jones (sails and chef), Pete Bland (electronic navigation), Gwyn Jones (engine, and general worrying). Three is the ideal crew for  this boat- four would cause too much congestion on a long trip

On this trip, unless conditions were ideal, we preferred to maintain at least 5 kts » Read more

Unsticking an Etap 26 Keel

Early in the season my keel decided it had had enough. It wan’t going to move no matter how hard I pushed the handle or how much grease I packed around the gears. Frantic research on the internet revealed that there was a set of bearings lurking within the crown wheel that eased the motion of the crown wheel on the supporting steel plate. My mission is to get access to the bearings and replace them if necessary.

Removal of the mast steps cover plate » Read more