Sailing Programme

We usually publish our programme over the Winter months, and also note that the programme will be subject to minor changes throughout the season as circumstances dictate, so please check back regularly.

Oct 2023

Date/Time Event
14th October 2023
10:00 - 15:00
Trafalgar Rally 2023
Conwy Bay, Conwy

Please note

The programme above features the official club events for which points are awarded for the Commodores cup. I am sure there will also be a lot of ad hoc events going on as well organised by many other club members. As far as possible we will try to keep you informed of such events should you wish to join in and many of them will be on the club WhatsApp group. Regular visits are Menai Bridge and the beaches of Anglesey. In order to encourage the participation of under 18’s we are introducing an enhanced handicapping system to the racing events so that inexperienced helmers will have an improved chance of winning. Please let me know before the race if you intend to use this so I can adjust your start time.

Roamer Cup

This cup is awarded for the most miles covered by a club boat. This is an opportunity for the long distance cruisers to win a cup. You will need to keep a detailed log of each trip to verify that you have done the journeys and help to add up the total mileage covered. The total distance can be submitted to the sailing captain each month so it can be reported in the monthly newsletter and promote some competition.

Boatfolk Trophy

The Boatfolk Trophy will be awarded for the winner of the Boatfolk series of races. There are five races and two of them will be discarded so if you can’t make all the races you are still in with a chance of winning. The handicapping system will be rolled over from last year so you will have the same handicap in the first race as you did at the end of last year. The Boatfolk Trophy itself is open to all clubs but the trophies for the individual races are to be awarded to the first club boat in the race.

Racing Boat of the Year

There will be a Trophy for the boat that achieves the largest adjustment to their handicap through consistently high places in each race.

Coronation Cup

This year is the year of King Charles’s coronation and we are going to have a race on the Coronation day, 6th May. A special cup will be awarded for that race and we will also have a social event afterwards