Social Networks

The Club has a presence across four social networks: Facebook, Twitter, eBoatCards and Google+.


Our Facebook page is very active, with club activity being continually shared and discussed. This is a great place to make personal connections with other members of the Club, arrange ad-hoc meetings and events and catch up on pictures from the latest Barbecue.


eBoatCards is a new social network specially for boaters.  You sign up to this one as a boat, not as an individual, so we are encouraging its use for the more boat- and marine- related activities.  It might be especially interesting to you if you are not keen on Facebook, but we would encourage you to join anyway.  There are a few special features including showing positions of your friends on the map, if desired.


Twitter and Google+ are used for information sharing, to ensure our news is circulated as widely as possible – all club news items are posted to these networks.


Note that if you are logged in as a member, the Club website also supports some social connectivity that isn’t easily done with any of the social networks, and there’s the added benefit that all members of the Club are members of the website so people are easy to find.  We have private messaging, user profiles, and group discussions – any member can create a group for any purpose if they wish – you can use groups to organise ad-hoc events, for example.