Club Reopening

We are happy to announce that providing the COVID situation and rules don’t change over the next two weeks, the NWCC bar will be reopening on the evening of Saturday 5th September.

The clubhouse will then be accessible by members with access cards from Sunday 6th September for access to the facilities (washers, dryers, showers and toilets).

We are putting procedures and measures in place to ensure a safe working and socialising environment for both Elaine our steward and all members and visitors, and I hope you will all do your part to follow these measures and behave responsibly.

Launch Operations Re-Commence

In line with the latest announcements from the Welsh Government, the launch will be running for passenger service again from 1st June, with the following restrictions in force:

  1. Only one “Household” may be taken on the launch at any one time. This can be any number from a single household living together.
  2. Social distancing must be adhered to, keeping a 2m gap between the launch operator and the passengers.
  3. Nobody exhibiting COVID symptoms will be permitted to board.
  4. Surfaces on the launch will be disinfected after every passenger trip.
  5. Hand sanitiser will be provided for passenger use on board.
  6. Pre-bookings by phone only. The launch operators will NOT be taking bookings by VHF.
  7. ONLY LOCAL BOAT OWNERS PERMITTED. If visiting your boat, you must live within 5 miles of Conwy to conform to the Government restrictions.

Please be sensible and courteous when using the launch, take personal precautions to avoid infection and be patient – because the launch can only take one household at a time, you may not be able to get a pick-up at exactly the time you request.

I hope you all stay safe and well.

Austin Goudge
NWCC Commodore

Important Coronavirus Update

Dear All,

Due to the need to protect you our members and our steward Elaine, and in line with the recent escalation in the lock-down directive from the Government, we need to take the unfortunate and unprecedented step of closing the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse will therefore be completely closed from 12:00 on Sunday 5th April.

We’re keeping a close watch on the situation and will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. For the moment we strongly advise you to follow Government advice and stay at home. Your boats are being well looked after by the Marinas and Harbour Master.

We are obviously suffering as a Club in these difficult circumstances with continuing costs but a significant loss of income, and we fully understand that some of you will be suffering personally too. We are investigating all possible avenues of funding, including the UK and Welsh Government and Sport Wales initiatives.

We really appreciate all the support and understanding we are hearing from you and ask that you brave it out with us and continue to support your Club through this very tough situation. 

I hope you all stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Commodore, NWCC

Coronavirus and The Club

Dear members, 

It is with heavy heart that I write this, but due to the fast moving situation and in light of the recent Government advice, we need to make some significant changes at the Club.

Bar is Now Closed Until Further Notice

The Government has stated that all unnecessary social contact should be avoided, and that nobody should visit Bars, Restaurants, Theatres, Cinemas or other places whether groups of people gather.

Therefore the Club Bar is now shut and will not reopen until the situation improves. This is to protect our members and Elaine our Steward.

Obviously this means that all social events are also cancelled until further notice.

Sailing Events are Going Ahead

We can see no reason for cancelling our on-the-water event programme, so for the moment our sailing events will still be going ahead. There will be no briefings held at the Club, so Steve will be keeping you updated on event details via WhatsApp. We just ask that you are sensible and socially isolate as much as possible during these events.

If you are a sailing member and not already on our WhatsApp group, please click here to find out how to join. You need to be logged in to see this page.

Clubhouse and Facilities Will Remain Open

The front door of the Club will be opened on the usual schedule, and showering, washing and drying facilities will be available to all members with an active membership card.

Launch will Continue to Run

Mark and Keith are continuing to operate the launch on the usual hours for the moment. We will update you if operating hours are changed or if the launch stops operating altogether.

Of course, the situation may change and if the Government enforces a complete lock-down then we will review our decisions.

I can only apologise to all for the drastic measures, which I know will impact many members, but this is a situation that none of us can ignore and we need to act accordingly.

I wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy and we will see you soon.

Best wishes,

Commodore, NWCC

Club and Bar Opening Hours for March

Because of limited holiday cover, the opening hours for the Clubhouse for some of March will be restricted as follows:

DateClubhouse Opening Hours
Saturday 7th March11:30 – 23:30
Sunday 8th March11:30 – 14:00
Monday 9th MarchClosed all day
Tuesday 10th MarchClosed all day
Wednesday 11th MarchClosed all day
Thursday 12th March11:30 – 23:30
Friday 13th March11:30 – 23:30
Saturday 14th March11:30 – 23:30
Sunday 15th March11:30 – 14:00
Monday 16th MarchClosed all day
Tuesday 17th MarchClosed all day

Please note the above are Clubhouse opening hours, for members with keycards, not bar opening hours.

The bar will be open according to the usual Winter schedule with the exception of Thursday and Friday afternoons, when it will open at 20:00 (i.e. it will not open between 12:00 and 14:00).

Call for Yearbook Content

While you are enjoying your sailing, or just dreaming about the sea, please take a few photos and jot down a few words as a caption about your experiences for inclusion in the Club Yearbook, which itself will be put onto the Club Website.

Those who would like to write longer articles with photos included, say 500-1000 words and up to 6 photos that will stand reducing to about 20×50 mm for printing, would be very welcome too – that could include Trip Reports; Short Stories; Articles of general interest and Technical Notes. 

Look in the previous Club Yearbooks on the Club Web Page for examples of the articles and photos that have been published.

You can of course use your own material for the articles but if you do want to use other people’s material or photos, please let the editor have a copy of the copyright holder’s permission to publish the item.

Inclusion of web addresses to other authors’ original articles does not need permission and one can quote small extracts from other authors’ work with the inclusion of a reference to the original article, without the need for permission. Wikimedia Commons is a useful source of images that are in the public domain and there are other sources of material too; you can check on these things via Google. The yearbook editor will be happy to advise on copyright matters.

Please send all material (UNLOCKED) including photos by email as one of .pdf; .doc; .pub; .xls and .jpg files to Austin Goudge, Commodore for consideration and he will forward suitable material to the yearbook editor for processing.

(The editor can also type up hand written or paper-typed articles, and line drawings in black ink if required, but has no facility to reproduce photograph prints.) 

There is a page limit due to cost for the yearbook so the articles may need to be edited, unless the author does not wish that to be done (to, for example a poem, song or cartoon), or held over to the next year if they are not date-critical. 

Articles must be submitted before February 1st for inclusion that year, and preferably before January 1st. Please include an email address so the editor can contact you; the address will remain confidential to the club officers and editor and will not be published.

If you want to advertise in the Yearbook, please contact the Advertising Coordinator at [email protected].

Restricted Club Opening Hours – October

Because of limited holiday cover, the opening hours for the Clubhouse for some of October will be limited as follows:

DateClubhouse Opening Hours
Sunday 27th October09:00 – 23:00
Monday 28th OctoberClosed all day
Tuesday 29th OctoberClosed all day
Wednesday 30th OctoberClosed all day
Thursday 31st October20:00 – 23:00
Friday 1st November09:00 – 23:00

Please note the above are restricted Clubhouse opening hours, for members with keycards, not bar opening hours. The bar will be open according to the usual Winter schedule, except for Thursday 31st, when it will only be open in the evening.

Restricted Club Opening Hours – September

Because of limited holiday cover, the opening hours for the Clubhouse for some of September will be limited as follows:

DateClubhouse Opening Hours
Wednesday 11th September09:00 – 23:30
Thursday 12th September11:30 – 23:30
Friday 13th September11:30 – 23:30
Saturday 14th September11:30 – 23:30
Sunday 15th September11:30 – 14:00
Monday 16th SeptemberClosed all day
Tuesday 17th September10:00 – 23:30

Please note the above are Clubhouse opening hours, for members with keycards, not bar opening hours. The bar will be open according to the usual Summer schedule.

Morlais Tidal Energy Public Meeting

We have had a message from the Morlais Tidal Stream Energy Project, announcing a public meeting this afternoon.

We would like to invite you to an information drop in session on the Morlais tidal stream energy project. The event will be another opportunity to learn more about the project and for you to have a say on the development.

30/07/2019 – We will be at the Trearddur Bay Village Hall, LL65 2YJ between 4pm & 7pm 

The main aim of Morlais is to benefit local communities, the economy and environment through the generation of renewable low carbon electricity using tidal stream energy. The first stage of the project looks to secure consent for the development of Morlais, with community consultation playing a key part in this. Submission of the consent application is planned for September.

More information will be available at the event, and our staff will be on hand to answer your questions.

We would be delighted to welcome you and we would also be grateful it if you could extend this invitation to groups or individuals who you think may have an interest in the project.

Please contact us if you would like further information or to discuss the project in more detail.

Morlais Tidal Energy Project
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