AnchorBuddy Mobile App for Anchoring

We are delighted to announce the release of AnchorBuddy – an app for mobile devices to assist when calculating the depth to anchor and scope to use.

It has been developed by two Club members – Stephen Gorst and Austin Goudge – and is completely free to use.  It doesn’t require an Internet connection once it’s downloaded and is available for both iOS and Android (phone and tablet).

The Club even gets a mention in the credits!

Download it from the following links:



  • Ron Inglis

    On my iPhone 8 iOS. 15.4.1. AnchorBuddy crashes on launch. Any idea of a fix, because this app is exactly what I’m looking for!

    • Austin Goudge

      Hi Ron, many thanks for getting in touch and for your feedback on the app. We’ll take a look and try to find out what’s going wrong.

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