Pay Membership by Direct Debit

We have just launched the facility to pay your membership fees using Direct Debit.  Direct Debit makes the renewal process much quicker and easier for you, and you will always receive the discounted rate for early payment.

All members who have given us their email addresses should have received an invitation today from GoCardless – the company we are using to manage the payments.  Signing up is really easy using an online form, takes 5 minutes, and there’s no postage involved, so if you wish to use this service then just click on the link you received by email.  If you have more than one member at the same household and would like to pay them all on the same Direct Debit, you can do that too – just sign up once and we’ll work it out, or email us with any special requests.

If you are a member but haven’t received an email, you can still sign up by clicking here.

Note that we won’t be taking any payments until renewal time next year, and you will still be able to pay by cheque, or behind the bar by credit card, if you prefer.

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  • Steve Gorst

    Thank you for setting this up Austin. This is a great facility and will help to reduce the endless admin that we face in keeping track of everything that is due. I for one will be signing up for this.

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