NWCC is now RYA Affiliated

The NWCC is now affiliated with the RYA.

But what does this mean for you?  Affiliation gives the Club access to a range of services and benefits:

Information and Advice – Help with Fund Raising, Club Management, Finance, H&S, Legal matters, Environmental Issues and Silting problems
Club Marketing and Development – Advice and Assistance with to Grow Membership and Promotion of the Club via the RYA website
Racing Services – Handicap services and support for race organization
Discounts – Clubs report that discounts can significantly reduce their operating costs, particularly the high fees for insuring activities ashore and afloat
ICC Assessments – Affiliation means that we are now authorised to carry out Assessments for members who need the International Certificate of Competence to sail abroad or charter.

There is an Affiliation Area of the RYA website which NWCC members can access to find out more. If you are a Club member, we have sent out the login details in the latest newsletter. They are also available in the members area, once you have logged in to the website.

If you are interested in booking an ICC assessment and are a club member, please email [email protected].

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