Conwy Notice to Mariners 07/2023

All mariners are advised that three potential elevated areas of seabed have been identified within the Wild Oyster Restoration Project gravel deployment area (see LNtM 06/23). Surveying is to be carried out and a further notice will be issued.  The coordinates supplied are as follows:

53° 18′ 45.6588” N3° 52′ 34.2588” W
53° 18′ 47.0412” N3° 52′ 33.78” W
53° 18′ 46.8612” N3° 52′ 33.6612” W

Please also find the attached annotated chart. The data has not been verified and so this message is precautionary only.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

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