WANTED – Tombola Stall Items

WANTED – All small items suitable for sale on a Tombola stall, which is happening as part of our Christmas Fair on Dec. 17th 2016.

All proceeds from this event are shared with charity and all contributions, particularly items suitable for children, will be gratefully received

Please deliver any suitable items to the club and leave with Elaine for safe keeping, until the day.  Please contact Elaine on 01492 593481 (Bar Hrs.) or [email protected] to advise her of items you may wish to leave in the Club.

Thank you in anticipation.

Conwy River Festival Quay Day

NWCC set up a stall at the River Festival this year.  As this was the first time we have run a stall, we did not know if it would work as there was competition from other similar stallholders.  With superb teamwork and team spirit, the day was a success and we made £125.

Quite a number of Club Members helped in various ways, from those donating Tombola prizes, to sticking the numbers to each prize, to the “Posse” of men the Commodore rounded up so very early on a Saturday morning to erect the Gazebo and move the equipment to and from the Quay.

In addition to the Tombola we had some home baked cakes for sale which were provided by our very own “Mary Berry” – Sue Jones.  They were delicious and so professionally packaged.

Three stalwarts of the day were the Vice Commodore, Carrie Thompson and Brenda Wilkes who managed the stall, all of the day with good humour.

Good day, good result and very worthwhile.

Talk by David Rainsbury

ib0226David is the author of the popular Irish Sea Pilot, a guide that many of us use when cruising the area.

The evening of the 21st May was a great success, with a very full club (standing room only) to listen and watch David give a very interesting and well received talk about his sailing experiences, as well as advice and tips on sailing in the Irish Sea and the wider area.

Based on this success, we would like to continue to invite interesting speakers so if you have any ideas or would like to recommend someone, please get in touch at [email protected].

ActiveCaptain and eBoatCards

3e0d6ed7-c26a-4f74-b228-2da14e507df6ActiveCaptain is a worldwide cruising guide that anyone can contribute to – it includes anchorages, harbours and marinas as well as hazards, all reported by users and continually updated.  Users add reviews and comments so you can see where you might like to visit (or avoid).

eBoatCards is a social network for boaters – you join as a boat, not a person, and it includes private messaging, public posting, blogs and groups. The two systems are connected so you only need a single login for both.  If you and your friends run the ActiveCaptain Locations app on your phone, it will plot all your positions so you can see where they are.

NWCC now has a group, so come and join in.

Hot Drinks in Bar

We now have a hot drinks machine in the clubhouse.  This serves coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soup (all just £ 1) and is available even when the bar is closed. Drop your payment into the honesty box.

New Years Eve Party 2015-6

Seeing in 2015

Despite the low turnout, the New Year bash in the club house was a great success. The theme this year was the Wild West and a good number came in fancy dress which included a horse and a slightly misinterpreted “Native American” who came wearing a turban and set up a corner shop on the end of the bar. The newly installed Video Projector came into its own with an animated welcoming graphic, the Fist Full of Dollars fastest gun in the club competition and Big Ben, which was a bit late due to the web link to the cameras at the Houses of Parliament being in high demand.  As we had catered for about thirty there was loads of food to go round. Music was provided by “Big John” with laser effects, moving lights and colour changes to set the atmosphere. Dancing and singing went on till the wee small hours with the customary Champagne toast as sixteen bells were rung to mark the end watch of 2014 and the start of the new watch for 2015. My thanks to Big John and to all those who came to support the event, especially to those who helped make it yet another successful social evening at the Club. Good luck and best wishes for a prosperous year to come.

Martin Bushnell

Puffin Picnic Rally and Evening Party

Dear Members

Just a quick missive to let you all know what a great day we all had last Saturday. The Puffin Picnic Rally ran on schedule with the briefing on Friday evening at 2100 in the Club. Steve Gorst, our Sailing Captain, delivered the briefing to a good audience of boat skippers that intended to participate and took the names of volunteers! that were happy to host our Cadet Members that planned to sail with the fleet. The turnout of boats was extremely good with several new Members joining in which was fantastic to see. The bar take during the evening was gratifying to say the least although I am sure that any consequent thick heads the next morning were probably regretted. Saturday morning turned out to largely be as forecast, for a change, and the fleet got underway at approx 1130, as instructed by Steve, and made its way to seaward pushing a strong flood tide. Once out in the bay the breeze turned out to actually be fairly fresh from the east and although a number of us had contemplated the possibility of a wonderful cruising chute/spinnaker run over to puffin, none were actually hoisted. Irrespective of this we all made good passage in the stiff breeze arriving off Puffin at approx 1330. Several boats anchored as briefed on the Anglesey shore close to Trwyn Ddu Lighthouse for lunch with a few electing not to do so who made their way gently back to Conwy for a late lunch on their harbour berths. All in all a really good sail and an excellent check out for our boats prior to the longer passages ahead of us as the sailing programme really gets going in earnest with the Round Anglesey Rally on the Bank Holiday weekend 3 – 5 May. Well done Steve and thank you.

The Post Puffin Picnic Party took place that evening commencing at 2000 in the Club. All I can really say is that if you were not there then you really did miss a musical treat of some considerable magnitude. Hazel Sopalthwaite was our principal artiste for the evening and entertained us with country/folk music and song of an extraordinarily high quality. Hazels voice is simply superb and her talent with her quitar of the highest order. Hazel was wonderfully supported throughout the evening by Big John Broadhead, whose music we all appreciate so much, and , Andy Gallacher who so kindly brought his guitar with him and performed a whole series of country songs for our enjoyment. Thank you all so very much from all of us that were there, we really did have a great time and truly appreciated not only your talent but also your generosity of spirit by giving your time to entertain us so very well. The evening was really well attended by over 40 members including the majority of those that had sailed in the rally earlier in the day and also by a considerable number of others that had not been able to do so but came in support of the event.

Nibbles, German sausage Rolls, prepared by Jean were served during the evening. Thank you all for attending in support of our club, it really does make the effort that our musicians and everyone else contributed to the evening worthwhile.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to sign up for the Round Anglesey Rally 3-5 May. I look forward to seeing you all soon, be it either afloat, in the club or hopefully both.

Yours in Sailing

Tony Mead

An Early Sailing Season Update

Dear Members

Since my last missive a lot has been going on both at the Club and onshore/on the water with us all getting ready for the season.

To start at the beginning we held our planned Cadets Evening on Saturday 15 March with invited young people from the Llandrillo College Marine Skills Course attending. The event was successful with 5 new Cadets joining the Club all looking for Sailing and Working on Boats experience, the evening was also well attended by Members and the Bar Trade was, to say the least, brisk. Thank you all for taking the time to support this new initiative.Following the event I have also received several other enquiries from the students who wish to join. To continue the development of this initiative we are planning to invite the new Cadets to sail with us on Members Boats during our Puffin Island Picnic Rally on Saturday 19 April, so if you are planning to participate in this event and would like to take a Cadet Member as crew then please do either let Steve Gorst (Sailing Captain) know by email or indicate your willingness to do so on the booking form that will be posted in the club.

Saturday 22 March was the date of our annual fitting out party and buffet supper. The evening was fully booked and without doubt thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The supper was fantastic and John Broadhead entertained us in great style with his unique musical/vocal skills and literally had everyone (almost) dancing in the isles. Once again a very profitable and enjoyable night for the club.

Saturday 29 March was big Terry Hughes 75th birthday party and another great evening with an enormous bar take and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. A really big thank you to Terry for holding his party at the club and by doing so helping us to make it both busy and profitable.

As I have already mentioned above our Summer Sailing Programme kicks off with the Puffin Island Picnic Rally on Saturday 19 April so please do look out for the notices and booking forms for it and lets all go if we can and get the Sailing Year off to a good start. As the rally is a daysail event we are going to hold a social event for the entertainment of everyone in the club the same evening commencing at 2000, this is an open event so you do not need to book for it just come along and join in the fun! There will certainly be plenty of this because we are going to make it a Memorably Musical Evening. This will be based on a performance by a highly regarded lady country/folk musician/singer, Mandy, who has only recently moved to Conwy with her family. In addition to Mandy John Broadhead will also be performing and I am anticipating that perhaps Dave Pullan, Tony Barlow and Andy Gallacher will also play and sing for our entertainment. This should be some event! Don’t forget that with our new Bar Food facility you can also have your dinner at the club at a really reasonable cost. I look forward to as many of you as possible supporting the day either on the water, in the club, or both. Anyone can play or sing!

Finally, for now, please do all look at the ongoing Sailing and Social Programmes for the summer, both of which are on the website, they are organised for the benefit and enjoyment of you the Members. Come and join us in support of your Club as often as you can, you won’t be disappointed I promise.

Yours in Sailing

Tony Mead

January Newsletter

Dear members

An update for you all to let you know what has been happening since my last message and, what is coming up in the near future.

Last Saturday, 25 January, was of course our Burn’s Night Dinner at the Club. Needless to say it was very well attended with 31 bookings. We all had a great time with a fantastic Dinner provided by the Clemenence Restaurant. A real live Highland Piper played for our entertainment and piped in The Haggis and, we all enjoyed all the usual Burn’s Night Poems, Songs and fine Scotch Wisky. Sadly Dave Howard had an unfortunate accident a couple of days before the event and he and Sylvia were not able to join us on the evening. I am very happy to inform you all that although Dave’s accident was serious and involved him having surgery to fix a damaged muscle in his leg, he is now back at home and recovering. I understand from Sylvia that this will unfortunately take some time and has resulted in them having to cancel a planned cruise. Get well soon Dave, we are all thinking of you and look forward to seeing you back in action soon.

Our next planned event is the RAF Mess Night Valentines Dinner on Saturday 15 February. Harry Thompson our Vice Commodore is in command for this function and it promises to be yet another splendid evening with us again dining downstairs in the bar area with the Clemence providing the catering. I know that Harry will have the whole evening planned meticuously and that it will include “novel” aviators entertainments! Definitely one to look forward to.

On Saturday 15 March we are holding an evening aimed at introducing young persons to the Club and, hopefully recruiting them as Cadet Members. As a starting point for this I have invited all the Students on the Llandrillo College Marine Skills Course to visit us for the evening as our guests, I would also wish to extend this invitation to any and all the young family and friends of yourselves, so please do consider bringing along your own circle of potential Cadets to the evening. The event will be very informal and should be both good fun, informative to youngsters with an interest in sailing and good fun. I have attached the outline schedule of the event for your information.

Saturday 22 March is the 2014 Fitting Out Party Night. The detailed plan of this event is not yet finalised but as always it is an important date in our calender because it heralds the end of winter and the start of our long awaited sailing season. Without doubt this will be a Buffet Supper evening and it will include both entertainment and fun activities. Look out for the event notice and book early to avoid disappointment!

Finally for now an item of news! Sadly the Blue Launch has suffered a failure of its gearbox and is out of service for the time being while we await the delivery and fitting of a replacement new item. Needless to say this is an expensive part to replace and I am, as always, very conscious of the need to do our utmost to balance our books financially to ensure the future stability of our wonderful Club. For this reason it is my intention to run a special raffle in the near future to help fund the new gearbox costs. This will be called “The Gearbox Draw” it will be run over several weeks and offer a really attractive prize to the winner. Please do buy a ticket to support this initiative, who knows? You May be the Lucky Winner!

Thats all from me for now, I look forward to seeing you all soon, both in the Club and on the water.

Yours in Sailing

Tony Mead

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