Conwy Notice to Mariners 06/2023

All mariners are hereby advised that four number orange marker buoys will be deployed in Conwy Bay to aid gravel deployment for the Wild Oyster Restoration Project. It should be noted that these are not for any navigational warning purposes.

All other information and co-ordinates are in the attached PDF.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Caernarfon Bar Buoys – April 2023

The Caernarfon Harbour Master has published the latest bar buoy positions:

SAFE WATER MARKN1796353ᵒ 07’.149 N004ᵒ25’.182 WL Fl.10s
C 1 STARBOARDN0279353ᵒ 06’.95 N004ᵒ24’.51 WFl.G.5s
C 2 PORTN0279453ᵒ 07’.02 N004ᵒ24’.09 WFl.R.10s
C 3 STARBOARDN0279553ᵒ 07’.03 N004ᵒ 23’.72 WQ.G
C 4 PORTN0279653ᵒ 07’.15 N004ᵒ23’.03  WQ.R
C 5  STARBOARDN0279753ᵒ 07’.14 N004ᵒ23’.37 WFl.G(2).5s
C 6 PORTN0279853ᵒ 07’.16 N004ᵒ21’.91WFl.R.5s
MUSSEL BANKN0279953ᵒ 07’.22 N004ᵒ20’.93 WFl.R(2).5s
C 8 PORTN0280153ᵒ 07’.68 N004ᵒ19’.33 WFl.R.3s
C 10 PORTN0280253ᵒ 07’.964 N004ᵒ18’.249 WQ.R
C 7  STARBOARDN0280353ᵒ 08’.18 N004ᵒ18’.13 WQ.G
C 12 PORTN0280453ᵒ 08’.50 N004ᵒ17’.38 WFl(2)R.10s
C 9  STARBOARDN0280553ᵒ 08’.55 N004ᵒ16’.92 WFl.G.2s
CHANGE BUOYS CARDINALN0283453ᵒ 08’.81 N004ᵒ16’.74 WVQ(6)+LFl 10s
SEIONT RIVERBIFURCATIONN1441053ᵒ 08’.51 N004ᵒ16’.75 WUnlit
TRAETH GWYLLTSTARBOARDN1012553ᵒ 09’.23 N004ᵒ16’.12 WFl(2)G.10s
C 13  STARBOARDN0281153ᵒ 09’.54 N004ᵒ15’.90 WFl(4)G.10s
C 11  STARBOARDN0281253ᵒ 09’.88 N004ᵒ15’.63 WFl(2)G.5s
C 14 PORTN0281353ᵒ 10’.23 N004ᵒ15’.41 WFl.R.5s
C 9  STARBOARDPORT DINORWICN0850753ᵒ 10.65 N004ᵒ13’.95 WFL(3)G.10s

Conwy Notice to Mariners 01/2023

All mariners are advised that the Beacons Pontoon is off station for repairs.  The access gantry is laid on the riverbed and accordingly mariners should not navigate within the Beacons piles due to the underwater obstruction.  A further notice will be issued once the pontoon is back on station.  The present downtime is estimated at up to four weeks.  

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Bangor Notice to Mariners

Navigational Special Mark Position. Update

We hereby notify mariners of a small change in position of the four special marks at the corners of the experimental mussel farm site in Conwy Bay. Each special mark is of yellow, St Andrews Cross type (2m), indicating a marine farm/aquaculture. The NE and SW marks are fitted with a yellow light, set to a 5 second flash sequence.
The new positions are:

NWN 53 18.643W 3 59.523
NEN 53 18.688W 3 59.282
SEN 53 18.543W 3 59.205
SWN 53 18.497W 3 59.446

The experimental site and system

The experimental site is in an area of open water in Conwy Bay (see figure 1), just to the East of Dutchman bank. It is marked on admiralty charts for aquaculture research.

Within the site are six 150m polysteel longlines. Depending on production state, they may be buoyed with pencil floats, or they may be invisible; using near-surface submersible floats.

Please be cautious when navigating near to the site

Mariners are requested to give the installation and the buoys by which it is marked a wide berth. The buoys have drogues attached that trail beneath them in the water.

For more information, contact Julie Webb on 01248 388140/07966546915 or Ben Winterbourn on 01248 388784/07732438894 or Conwy Harbour Master, Matthew Forbes: 01492 596253.

Figure 1. Location of the Conwy Bay site for shellfish seed settlement and rope-based grow-out trials. Red crosses indicate the updated position of special marks.  
Figure 2. Special Mark; 2m yellow St. Andrew’s Cross type
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