Burn’s Night 2017

The great and the good (not to mention, some of the others too) gathered on Saturday 28th January to celebrate Burn’s Night.  The Chart Room was completely full for the meal, which started with the welcome and Selkirk Grace given by the Commodore, followed by a first class Scotch broth.  The excellent haggis was addressed and cut by our President and was then demolished, with plenty for seconds and even thirds for the adventurous.  The meal was topped off with cranachan cheesecake / whisky trifle and a toast to the lassies was given by Ken Robinson, with Carrie Thompson responding on behalf of the lassies.  It’s something of a miracle that Ken made it through the night, considering Mary’s dagger stare could have cut a haggis!  Finally, the Membership Secretary gave a fine rendition of the Drunken Scotsman.

The formal evening concluded and everyone decamped downstairs to enjoy the music.  The club was packed to the gunwales, with standing room only, and it was really great to see a few new faces around too.

We would like to say a big thank you to Dot, Mary, Carrie, Pat and the Commodore for all the time and effort they put in to decorate the room for the evening.

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