Seago Yachting Lifejacket Product Advisory

Seago has become aware of a very small quantity of Seaguard lifejackets that may not have the automatic UML MK5 cartridge fitted, the affected batch was sold between 21.07.2021 and 10.08.2021. The lifejacket will still gas inflate if activated manually using the pull cord.

Model in question:
Seaguard Grey Black Automatic (without Harness)
Seaguard Red Grey Automatic with Harness

If you have purchased the above lifejacket model between the dates stated, you should immediately stop using the lifejacket until you can check to see if the automatic cartridge is fitted. You can also cross check to see if your lifejacket is affected by checking the serial number printed on the inside of the jacket. The first 7 digits will be 2012077 and then it will have a final 3 or 4 digits that fall between 000 and 1917.

You can call Seago for advice or guidance. If you have an affected jacket please call on 01825 873567.

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