Conwy Notice to Mariners 05/2020

Mariners are advised that from 00:01 on Monday 1st June 2020, recreational boat owners are permitted to use their boats within Conwy Harbour for recreational purposes, as part of their local daily exercise and recreation away from their homes, but not for overnight accommodation. Mariners must follow Welsh Government Guidelines and only be accompanied by persons permanently residing at the same address or, where the vessel is of a sufficient size and design to maintain social distancing, with persons from a different household subject to the current regulations. The rules regarding ‘Staying Local’ apply and as such Mariners must consider the amended regulations when deciding to travel to their vessels.

Mariners based within Conwy and Deganwy Marinas should consult with their berth provider regarding the level of access to their vessels currently permitted and comply with any instructions to ensure the safety of Staff and other users.

Mariners are reminded of the following requirement regarding travel as announced by Welsh Government on Friday 28th May:

To allow more outdoor activity we are also amending the requirement to ‘stay at home’ to one to ‘stay local’. This means that as long as you are within your local geographical area and are outside, you will no longer be subject to the numerous restrictions that apply today.

The same restrictions as now will apply when a person wants to travel outside their local area. We will provide guidance to help people to understand how to interpret ‘local’ in this context, using five miles as a guide but recognising this is a flexible concept which can vary depending on people’s circumstances.

Many vessels within the Harbour will not have been used for a considerable time. In order to minimise the need for the emergency services to be mobilised, potentially placing them and you at risk, the following conditions should apply:

  • The latest weather forecast should be obtained and vessels are to be checked and inspected thoroughly before leaving the berth. This should include ensuring that all boat systems and engines are operating correctly and all equipment is in date and operating as it should.
  • Lifejackets or buoyancy aids should be worn by all on-board for your own safety.
  • Mariners are urged to exercise good seamanship, courtesy, patience and common sense as they begin to move around the Harbour.
  • The skipper and crew of all vessels are required to follow government guidance in relation to Covid-19 to protect themselves and others they may come into contact with.

Please note that the advice contained here is very new and Conwy Harbour Authority and other marine businesses, Marinas and Clubs around the Harbour will need to adjust their routines and ensure that the risk from infection of Covid-19 can be reduced by adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Please be considerate and allow staff time to assess the level of service they are able to provide. This is for your safety and that of the emergency services and the NHS.

Conwy Harbour Authority will continue to review the situation and any new Welsh Government guidance. We appreciate your continued support in maintaining safe and efficient Harbour operations whilst being able to enjoy the benefits of getting afloat.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc MNI
Conwy Harbour Master

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