Caernarfon Notice to Mariners 2017/27

Caernarfon Bar – Aid to navigation Fairway Buoy L FL10s, usually in position 53º 06’.45N 004º 25’.001W is not on station.

The Aid to navigation has been temporarily discontinued for the winter.

For further information and updates, visit the Caernarfon Harbour Trust website.

Lobster Pot Petition

The Cruising Association has re-launched its petition to get the government to improve the way fishing gear is marked at sea.  The previous petition was cancelled earlier in the year because of the general election.

If you agree that fishing gear should be better marked, click here to add your name.  Note that if you signed it last time around you need to re-sign this new petition as the previous names were not carried forward.

Holyhead Notice to Mariners 3/2017

Mariners are advised that following the removal of the link-span at Holyhead Port’s Terminal 1, Stena Line Ports LTD (Holyhead) Harbour Authority have now permanently removed the 2 F R (vert) situated at 53º 18.64’N 004º 37.72’W

Local Notice to Mariners 02/2017

All mariners are advised that a further section of Victoria Pier Colwyn Bay, position 53 17.80 N 003 43.42 W, has collapsed.  Debris has been sighted in the water and all mariners are advised to maintain a safe distance from the structure.  Attempts will be made to recover any lose debris from the coast when weather conditions permit.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc MNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Local Notice to Mariners 01/2017

All mariners are hereby advised that Victoria Pier (53º 17.292’ N 003º 49.705’ W) at Colwyn Bay has partially collapsed into the sea.  Debris is floating in the vicinity of the Pier and mariners are advised to maintain a safe distance from the pier.  Mariners are also advised to maintain a good look-out for partially submerged debris if navigating within the Bay of Colwyn.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc MNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Local Notice to Mariners 11/2016

Mariners are advised that a damaged pontoon remains submerged in Marina Bay representing a potential hazard to navigation; no vessels are to enter Marina Bay.   The pontoon is marked with seven yellow marker buoys.  A lit isolated danger mark has been laid in position 53° 17.365’ N 003° 49.987’ W.  Mariners are to keep to the Deganwy side of the buoy when passing.  A further notice will be issued when the pontoon has been recovered.

All mariners are advised that local notice to mariners 10/2016 is cancelled.  The wreck of the ‘Limara’ has now been recovered.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc MNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Faulty EPIRBs

Standard Communications Pty Ltd designs and manufactures a range of Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) that are marketed globally under the GME brand.
As a result of market place feedback Standard Communications Pty Ltd has become aware of a small number of instances where GME EPIRBs have failed the self test procedure. A consequence of such failure may mean the EPIRB will not operate in an emergency situation.

Read the full report here:

adobe-acrobat-pdf-file-512Epirb safety alert

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