Caernarfon Notice to Mariners 17/2021

Mariners are advised that the following Aid to Navigation are now in the appropriate positions noted below.

Mariners are advised that this Notice to Mariners 17/2021 now cancels all previous Notices relating to these specific Aids to Navigation.

Safe Water Mark53° 06.75′ N004° 24.80′ WLFl.10s
C153° 07.18′ N004° 24.60′ WFl.G.5s
C253° 07.319′ N004° 24.295′ WFl.R.10s
C353° 07.25′ N004° 23.87′ WQ.G
C453° 07.16′ N004° 22.99′ WQ.R
C553° 07.14′ N004° 23.36′ WFl(2)G.5s
C653° 07.22′ N004° 21.91′ WFl.R.5s
Mussel Bank53° 07.23′ N004° 20.93′ WFl(2)R.5s
C853° 07.29′ N004° 17.70′ WFl.R.3s

The printable bar chart is also available for download:

David John O’Neill
Harbwr Feistr Caernarfon Harbour Master

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