Caernarfon Notice to Mariners 08/2018

On Saturday the 19th and 20th of May Caernarfon Harbour is hosting the Aqua Adrenaline Tour Powerboat racing.

Navigation inside the BLUE area is strictly prohibited during the racing times.

The orange areas will be waiting areas for vessel wishing to navigate through the blue area between races. The red area is reserved for vessels accessing and egressing Doc Fictoria. Authorisation to navigate into the red or blue area must be sought from the Dock Master on VHF Ch.80.

Race Times


Course Familiarisation 12.45 13:00
Race 1 – 25 Min + Lap 13:00 13:45
Race – 25 Min + Lap 14:00 14:45


Race 3 – 25 mins + Lap 13.15 14:00
Race 4 – 25 mins + Lap 14.15 15:00

David John O’Neill
Harbwr Feistr Caernarfon Harbour Master

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