2016 Spring Cruise

May 28th – Conwy to Lynas

d80cdd1f-8d50-4146-9462-421b8c74f742Split Decision, Myfanwy, Deva, Tessa and Pisces departed from Conwy early afternoon in sunshine and sailed straight into a very heavy shower.  By the time we had reached Lynas it was back in to sunshine and Myfanwy, Deva, Tessa and Pisces settled down for the night at anchor in light North Easterly winds.  I have never been in to the bay myself and it was a pleasant surprise to find how sheltered it was although there seemed to be a bit of a swell at times, possibly as the tide turned.  Tessa was well photographed as the sun set behind her before we all turned in for the night.

May 29th – Lynas to Port Errin

af870ea5-ed0e-4b4f-ae36-9647f1110b28At 7:00 the following morning we raised our anchors.  Mine was stuck.  It took a lot of pulling and driving over but eventually it came free.  Possibly a reason to use a trip line on the anchor next time.  I don’t want to lose an expensive anchor.  The larger boats sailed most of the way across and little Myfanwy motor sailed to keep up with them.  We hit the Calf Sound exactly on time and made our way through to Port Errin.  Another place I have never anchored in.  This time some of us went ashore and there was a nice pier to tie the Dinghies up to while we headed into town.  Next to the pier there were washing facilities with nice showers for visiting yachties.  Hilary Patrick and Steve went into town for some fish and chips while Deva and Tessa had dinner on board and kept anchor watch.  The wind was again a light North Easterly backing to a brisk Northerly but we were very sheltered and there was no rolling at all during the night.  Throughout the day we had glorious sunshine and the start of a suntan.  We had a few drinks on Deva before turning in for the night.  Really it was just a few….

May 30th – Port Errin to Peel

e14b0b07-f8bd-4d76-87ce-1f03a2f128a7Glorious sunshine once again but the wind from the North still.  We will need to motor.  There was no rush as the gate in Peel was not due to open till 1700 so some of us went ashore for a walk.  I walked up to the Cafe on Brada Head and had a very pleasant Late and a slice of Walnut Cake for elevenses and took some panorama photographs of the bay before returning to the boat in the dinghy; via Deva….
In the early afternoon we set sail for Peel against the current but it really is a very weak current this side of the Island so its not much of a hindrance and we are used to fighting currents in Conwy.  The wind was still in the north so we had to motor but as we had plenty of time I decided to go past Peel and then sail back under Spinnaker.  The Spinnaker went up but as I hoisted it the wind totally died and it didn’t fill no matter which way I pointed the boat.
When the gate opened we made our way in to our berths and then had an evening BBQ on the beach by the Castle.  Some of you will remember doing this in the fog a couple of years ago.  This time was a lot more sunny and we met some interesting locals who shared the BBQ with us.

May 31st – Lay day in Peel


Dinner out to celebrate Sue’s Birthday in the Boatyard Restaurant

June 1st – Lay day in Peel

Getting the boat ready to sail back on Thursday

June 2nd

Myfanwy sailed back to Conwy in brisk North Easterly winds while Deva, Pisces and Tessa enjoyed another day in Peel.  The first half of the journey was pure sailing but as the wind died in the afternoon the engine was used as well.  Arrival back in Conwy 2100 at high water after leaving Peel on the first gate at 0710.

June 3rd

Deva, Pisces and Tessa motored back to Conwy…

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