August Pursuit Race

As the river festival racing was cancelled this year, we organised an impromptu race on Quay Day.

6 Boats took part in the race: Firecrest, Calva, Wednesday’s Child, Anastasia, Free Will and Pinch of Thyme. The course was C1-C2 start line followed by Puffin to Port and back to C1-C2.

The first boat Firecrest set off at 13:25 and the last boat Pinch of Thyme set off at 13:37 with the task of catching Firecrest before 15:25 » Read more

Isle of Man Single Handed

I went to Port St Mary over the weekend single handed and even though I had a great trip it was beyond my endurance levels so I suffered a bit.

I left Port Penrhyn at 0730 on Saturday and total time to Port St Mary was 13.5hrs. I raised the sails off Gallows Point, Beaumaris, and had a great days’ sailing up to 11 miles off IOM. » Read more

The Big One Weekend

The plan was to have a pursuit race in the bay followed by a BBQ on the Pontoon. The race was also open to non members but the cup could only be won by a member. Just to complicate matters the first test of the British Lions was being held that morning so the British Legion kindly opened up for us and served us some excellent breakfasts. It’s a shame the match didn’t go the way we hoped but the Lions did score at least one excellent try.

» Read more

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