Conwy Marina Notice to Mariners – Nov 2023 / 2

Following the unfortunate incident with storm Debi that led to the damage of our temporary sill gate control panel housing, I am pleased to inform you that the new control panel housing is now complete, and we are ready to resume sill gate operations for daytime only.

We understand the inconvenience caused during the suspension of sill gate operations, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

In the interest of everyone’s safety, we took the necessary precautions to suspend operations until we could guarantee the satisfactory reinstallation of the new housing and conduct thorough tests on the electrical equipment. Your safety and the integrity of our marina infrastructure are of utmost importance to us.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding throughout this process. Your patience is appreciated as we worked to ensure the safety and functionality of our sill gate system. Further updates on any developments will be provided promptly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to smooth sill gate operations in the coming days.

Oliver Dyble
Assistant Manager
Conwy Marina

Conwy Marina Notice to Mariners – Nov 2023

We are sad to report that storm Debi has disappointingly torn down our temporary sill gate control panel housing.

We are currently working hard to ensure the panel is kept watertight and weatherproof while another temporary housing can be built and fitted.

In the interest of everyone’s safety we have elected to suspend all sill gate operations and leave the sill gate buoyant until such a time as a satisfactory reinstallation of a new housing and test of the electrical equipment has been completed.

Further updates will be provided in due course and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

Oliver Dyble,
Assistant Manager, 
Conwy Marina.

Conwy Notice to Mariners 14/2023

All mariners are advised that the Beacons Pontoon is off station for repairs.  The access gantry is laid on the riverbed and accordingly mariners should not navigate within the Beacons piles due to the underwater obstruction.  A further notice will be issued once the pontoon is back on station.  The present downtime is estimated until March 2024 due to pile repairs.

A lit isolated danger mark has now been positioned in co-ordinates :- 53°17.64N 003°50.35W

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Conwy Notice to Mariners 13/2023

All mariners are advised that dredging operations will commence at Deganwy Marina on 01/11/2023 for two months.

A dredge discharge pipe will be laid in position latitude 53° 17.44’ North longitude 003° 49.73’ West and marked with a yellow special mark with a light sequence of quick flashing yellow.

A further cancellation notice will be issued once operations are complete.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

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