Membership Database

The current position with the membership database on the website is that it is being merged with the Membership Secretarys database so there is just one database.  This means that there will be no login facility for the members for the time being.  However we are striving to get it up and running as soon as possible.

The current login is for Administrators only.

New additions

I’ve added an events calendar to the home page which makes it very easy to see what events are coming up.  Very pleased with the way it works.  Any dates with events are highlighted.  Hovering the mouse over them brings up a description and clicking on them tales you to the event.

New website

Well I think i’m getting the hang of this wordress now.  Certainly to set up the structure of the site and navigation has been a lot easier than the old Joomla content management system we used to use.  I hope you like what you see so far.  The events are all in but I will flesh them out more with tide times and sailing times.  I’ve done this for the first sailing event and will do the same for the rest.

The next jobs are connecting this to our facebook page, setting up a members database, emailing system, contact form etc

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