December News

Dear members

For your information the Annual Dinner Dance at the St Georges Hotel Llandudno last Saturday (23rd) was a great success in every respect. 80 of us attended, the Dinner was of a very high standard and the Disco kept us all dancing away until early morning. We had a fantastic and entertaining mix of Members and Guests including a really good turnout from the Conwy RNLI. Our Principal Guests were Captain Matthew and Lesley Forbes (Conwy Harbour Master) who replied to The Commodores speech on behalf of the guests with amusing “Tales of the Sea”. The Commodores Cup for the NWCC Yachtsman of the Year was presented to Tony Brooks, and his Yacht Amethyst, and acknowledged Tony’s amazing involvement in our 2013 Sailing Programme. Tony was so pleased with his success that his post award celebration is rumoured to have resulted in him having to be lowered into Amethyst by rope at the end of the evening. Well done Tony and Amethyst.

Thank you all for attending and making the whole evening so much fun, your support is truly appreciated. A very special thank you to our President Terry Worthington and his lady Dot who both worked exceptionally hard to ensure that the evening was successful.

Please don’t forget that our next Club event is the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 7 December, this day is always great fun with Father Christmas arriving by boat at 1200 followed by all the usual festivities at the Club. The proceeds of the Fayre are always donated to a worthy charity cause. This event is followed on Thursday 19 December by our Special Christmas Quiz Night and Grand Raffle Draw. There is no booking list for either of these events, just come along and enjoy yourself and, bring a plate of food if you are participating at the Christmas Quiz on the 19th.

After Christmas our next event is the New Years Eve Party at the Club, the details of which will be posted this week both on the website and on the club notice board. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Finally, for now, I have attached for your information our updated RYA Winter Training Programme, now is the opportunity to book up for any of the array of training on offer after christmas in the run up to the 2014 Sailing Season. Why not book either yourself, or a member of your crew, a course as a christmas pressy!!!

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Yours in Sailing

Tony Mead

Faulty EPIRBs

Standard Communications Pty Ltd designs and manufactures a range of Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) that are marketed globally under the GME brand.
As a result of market place feedback Standard Communications Pty Ltd has become aware of a small number of instances where GME EPIRBs have failed the self test procedure. A consequence of such failure may mean the EPIRB will not operate in an emergency situation.

Read the full report here:

adobe-acrobat-pdf-file-512Epirb safety alert

Whats Up Next Nov-March

Dear Members

Please see below synopsis of our social programme up until the end of march 2014.The list does now include “by popular demand” a New Years Eve Party which I can promise you will be well worth attending should you be in town on the night!

The next two events in the Club are the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 7 December, guess who is Santa competition included, and the Special Christmas Quiz and Club Prize Draw on Thursday 19 December – Definitely not to be missed, members will be talking about being there for years afterwards!

Full details of each event will be posted on the website as soon as possible and on the Club noticeboard as each event draws near.

In addition to the above please don’t forget that Des Owen hosts the Music Night on the first wednesday of every month and that the Club Quiz Night is every Thursday come rain or shine.

I, as always, look forward to seeing you all as often as you can make it to the Club.

Yours in Sailing

Tony Mead


Programme Details are:-

  1. Saturday 7 December – NWCC Christmas Fayre and Visit by Father Christmas. – Fayre 1100 onwards, Father Christmas arrives at 1200 on Conwy Jetty then moves to his Grotto in the Club. Open to all. Always fantastic fun this one. Santa and his Little Helpers, Children, Visitors, Club Members and who knows who else may call in!
  2. Thursday 19 December – A Special NWCC Christmas Quiz and Prize Draw. – A party to get the Christmas spirits coursing through the blood!!! This evening will incorporate the Grand Draw for the Club Christmas Booze Hamper (should you neither have seen it nor bought a ticket, it is on display in the bar tickets £3 each ), The Bling Raffle ( also on display in the bar, tickets £1 each ) and other spot prizes with a Christmas theme. The evening will feature a Novel, Fun and Unusual Challenging Christmas Quiz. Everything gets underway at 2030 and all are invited. Supper will be served during the evening utilising the famous “Jacob’s Join” principal – bring a plate of food that you would like to eat but don’t mind sharing with others!
  3. Tuesday 31 December 2013 – New Years Eve Party. – This will now definately happen by popular demand. 2000 until late, Supper Provided ( menu and cost TBD ). The theme for the evening will be 1960’s Rock and Roll, so dust of that old Beatle Jacket (you know you kept it) and Winkle Pickers, get out your Mary Quant Frocks. This is going to be some serious fun! Dancing, Witty Conversation/Anecdotes and good old Rock and Roll Music. Look out for the list on the Noticeboard.
  4. Saturday 25 January 2014 – Burn’s Night Dinner. – A Traditional and Stylish Burn’s Night Dinner 1900 for 1930, Kilts or Plaids desirable.
  5. Saturday 15 February 2014 – A Traditional Royal Air Force Mess Dinner – Dining downstairs in the bar area to celebrate both our Courageous Aviators and Valentines Day. 1900 for 1930.
  6. Saturday 22 March 2014 – The 2014 Sailing Season Fitting Out Party/Supper – A Wales at Sea themed evening-daffodils compulsory!

Thats all for now. I hope to see you all at the events planned.

Unsticking an Etap 26 Keel

Early in the season my keel decided it had had enough. It wan’t going to move no matter how hard I pushed the handle or how much grease I packed around the gears. Frantic research on the internet revealed that there was a set of bearings lurking within the crown wheel that eased the motion of the crown wheel on the supporting steel plate. My mission is to get access to the bearings and replace them if necessary.

Removal of the mast steps cover plate » Read more

Whats Up Next

Dear members

Just to remind you all that Saturday 9 November 2013 is RNLI Conwy Day. The Fun and Festivities go on virtually all day and start off with the Lifeboat Coffee Morning at the club to which you are all invited. Needless to say this is very worthwhile and all takings are donated to the Lifeboat. I can assure you that there will be all sorts of things going during this part of the event day and the Club Bar will of course be open as usual. Later on during the evening the Gallant Crew of our Lifeboat will all be present in the Club Bar affording us a fantastic opportunity to “Meet The Crew”. This evening is always really good fun with Dave Howard no doubt providing some entertaining anecdotes!!

Please do your best to come and join us all in support of our Lifeboat, Those who Crew it and those who give so freely of their time and energy to support the RNLI Onshore.

The next day Sunday 10 November is of course Remembrance Sunday. Those of us who wish to attend the Conwy Remembrance Service and Parade at Bodlondeb usually meet up at the Club by approx 1015 for Coffee/Tea prior to making our way, as a group, up to Bodlondeb to represent NWCC at the ceremony . On its completion it is not unknown for us all to return to the club to privately Toast the Fallen in a traditional Cruising Club manner! Following on from this, as you will be aware from our club programme, there is at 1330 a lunch laid on at the club for those that have booked for it. Regrettably this part of the event is already fully booked but the club will of course remain open for service to all members who wish to remain.

Last but by no means least re;events on this message, Saturday 16 November is our Aladdins Cave Market Day at the Club. This is an “Early Bird” Christmas Shopping opportunity not to be missed with all sorts of goods from Jewellery to French Garden Art to RNLI items for sale at absolute bargain “Once in a Lifetime” prices.
This event will also help our Club Funds because, with the exception of the RNLI, all stall holders will be contributing a percentage of their takings to the Club.
Needless to say refreshments will be available throughout the day and the bar will be open normal Saturday Hours.

Finally, if you have not heard via the grapevine, as from this Friday 1 November Elaine our Steward will be able to provide hot food over the bar during its opening hours. Initially we have aimed this to provide good quality Chicken Curry(with rice), Beef Hotpot(with Fresh Bread/Butter) and Vegetarian dishes at a cost of £4-50 each. There will also be Naam Bread, Baked Potatoes and hopefully a Pudding available at a small additional cost. You will I know all appreciate that because we do not know what the demand for this facility will be it is necessary for us to err on the side of caution in preparing these meals to avoid any financial risk to the club. For this reason it may well intially be that the prepared stocks fall short of what may be requested. Should this occur please do bear with us for a short while as the service develops.

Thats all from me for now. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Yours in Sailing

Tony Mead

Trafalgar Reenactment Sailing Results

The French Fleet under the Command of Acting Admiral Mike Allen won a great and glorious victory over the English Fleet under the Command of Temporary Admiral Steve Gorst (Acting Admiral absent from place of duty!).

The details are: The Battle Commenced at 1035 by the Chronometer of The Admiral of the Day – Terry Worthington.

French Fleet

Place Overall Boat Name Hcap Elapsed Corrected
1 Ruby 0.940 4950 s 4653 s
2 Viva 0.950 4920 s 4674 s
4 Hazel Ann 0.848 5760s 4884 s

Total Corrected Time for Fleet = 14211 seconds divided by 3 times 2 = 9474 seconds

English Fleet

Place Overall Boat Name Hcap Elapsed Corrected
3 Myfanwy 0.855 5670 s 4847 s
5 Harlequin 0.930 5400 s 5022 s
Seclusion Did not join the Line of Battle

Total Corrected Time for Fleet = 9869 seconds

Winning Fleet is that with the lowest corrected time for the engagement = French with 9474 seconds


Vive La France!

Last Chance Saloon Rally

The results of a well contested race were:

Place Boat Name
1 Seren y Mor
2 Lazy C
3 Ruby
4 Myfanwy
5 Seclusion
DNF Promises
DNF Odyssey

Also out in the Bay for a sail and to take part in the experience were:

Lobo de Mar and Comrades

The conditions were good for a lively sail starting out at Force 4 and gradually easing.  The direction wasn’t as Southerly as forecast though which led to a couple of boats having trouble making The first mark.  Nonetheless a great sail was had by all.

1 19 20 21 22 23 24