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    • Andy Roddis

      Hi there ,im currently at Aberystwyth marina , and im looking to reduce my overheads but I enjoy the comfort of a marina , roughly how much would a swinging mooring cost and are they easy to get on with ,I have a liesure 29 bilge keel maybe I should come on over and take a look ? Any advice I’d be very grateful cheers Andy Roddis

    • Ron mcgurk

      Any swinging mooring’s available in Conway

    • Ron Inglis

      On my iPhone 8 iOS. 15.4.1. AnchorBuddy crashes on launch. Any idea of a fix, because this app is exactly what I’m looking for!

    • Stephen newton

      Hi do you offer competent crew courses ?
      Steve newton

    • Hopefully, work permitting, taking part.

    • Scott Beeland

      Could I please enquire as to why there is an exception for Commercial craft (does this cover the RIB experience operators?) when it is known that a number of the complaints received and acted upon by the committee have been generated as a result of commercial operator activity.
      On a personal viewpoint, I would ask you to consider the Mussel boat in that exemption concern, as it creates considerable wash during its passage.
      KKind regards
      Scott Beeland

      • Hi Scott, thank you for responding but we are simply re-publishing this notice for the benefit of our members and other watersports enthusiasts. You will have to get in touch with the Caernarfon Harbour Authority who should be able to answer your question.

    • Paul

      The government policy is to deter people coming together in groups which could happen from unnecessary journeys to points where they may gather.
      A local person in Caernarfon going to his boat and and using it on his own would not be breaching the government advice. This therefore appears to be an over reaction by the harbour authority.

      • The Government advice is very clear, allowing you to leave the house under these circumstances only:

        1. Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible
        2. One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household
        3. Any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
        4. Travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home

        The full Government advice is available here

        • Paul

          I agree the government guidelines are clear and of course have to be kept as straightforward as possible and can’t cover every activity.
          An “exercise” walk to the boat would be permitted. If this then included a trip out in the boat on one’s own it would not in anyway increase the risk of spreading the virus and I think would be within the intention of the guidelines. There seems to be a feeling abroad that people can go out as long as they don’t enjoy themselves.

    • Robst jones

      Ydi y corrections diweddara cafon i lifeboat porthdinllaen ddim ar y wefan yma ?yda chi newid ? Robat
      2nd cox

      • Hi Robat, we publish all notices that Caernarfon and Conwy Harbour Offices send to us, and Caernarfon has not notified us of any changes to Porthdinllaen Lifeboat Station. If you can provide an official source of information, we’ll happily publish it.

        Helo Robat, rydym yn cyhoeddi pob hysbysiad y mae Swyddfeydd Caernarfon a Harbwr Conwy yn ei anfon atom, ac nid yw Caernarfon wedi ein hysbysu o unrhyw newidiadau i Orsaf Bad Achub Porthdinllaen. Os gallwch chi ddarparu ffynhonnell wybodaeth swyddogol, byddwn ni’n ei chyhoeddi’n hapus.

    • David Parkman


      We were hoping to come so if you are running a reserve list can you please add 4 tickets for Talaris.


      Dave Parkman

    • Arthur Davies

      Good Call

    • Mark Dixon


      I would just like to offer my thanks to Mark your course instructor for teaching me some very valuable information during my attendance on the Essential navigation and seamanship course. Mark was a very good tutor and i learned a considerable amount of very useful information. i would also like to sign up for the VHF Marine radio course when one becomes available. Many Thanks Mark D

      • Hi Mark,

        Thanks very much for your kind comments and I’m pleased to hear that you found the course useful. I’m working to get enough students to run a VHF Radio Course and will keep you up to date on progress. We hope that your boating plans go well and that we will see more of you at the NWCC in the future.

        Regards, Mark Godwin

    • Mark Godwin

      Hi Devi,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Our Cost for the VHF DSC course is £110 (payable to NWCC) and there is an additional fee of £60 (payable to the RYA) for the assessment.

      Unfortunately you have just missed a VHF course. We don’t have a date for the next one yet although, with your inquiry, we could already have three out of the minimum six that we need to run the course again. If we get enough interest I’ll let you know. Sorry that I can’t be more definite at the moment.


    • Thank for information
      What are the requirements to follow for the RYA VHF Radio course?

    • Sally Fishlock

      Will you be running any VHF courses soon please?

      Thank you

    • Jennifer Rowley

      Went along had a great time. Sun was out lovely and warm. Then I started to notice the people wandering around with small bags of goldfish. I seriously thought people had finally stopped giving these poor creatures out as prizes. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at least half of them were dead before the end of the day.
      Please, please when you’re getting attractions for this sort of event make sure people are not being so backward as to be giving away live animals with absolutely no thought as to how they are going to be cared for.

    • Pete

      What is happening on the 19th August and 26th August?
      When is high tide on these dates?
      Are they Spring or Neal tides?
      We have a Cornish Crabber Sailing yacht how could we be involved on these dates?


      • Hi Pete, thank you for getting in touch. I suggest you visit the River Festival website if you would like to enter the event: http://conwyriverfestival.org – They have entry forms and a timetable of events in the ‘Forms 2017’ section of the site. You will definitely be able to enter your Cornish Crabber, and the most likely class would be the Class C Corinthians, but it is your choice (take a look at the entry form, the classes are described in full there). High tide on the 19th is 0940 BST, springs +4 days, and high tide on the 26th is 1440 BST, springs -3 days.

      • Hi again Pete, just to let you know that CRF have cancelled the racing at this year’s festival due to lack of sign-ups.

    • Howard

      Go JDV – many happy memories ?

    • Martin Aherne


      I very recently passed my competent crew course. I’m now looking for sailing opportunities to practice my sailing. Do you offer any sailing days to help me practice my new skills? My new found friends from the course are also interested so i might have another one or two people if it would help with numbers?

      Thanks either way


      • Hi Martin, thank you for getting in touch and congratulations on passing the course. We run a lot of events throughout the year, including single day events such as last weekend’s May pursuit race, the upcoming Family cruise on June 10th and the ‘Big One’ race on June 24th. Your best bet is to pop into the Clubhouse when it is open (it is generally busier over the weekends or on one of the social event evenings) and have a chat with whoever is around.

    • Looks really good and will be a nice send off for the guys taking part in the Spring Cruise that weekend.

    • Great article Austin and I love the picture of Free Will that Geoff took. It is so clear for such a distance I’m glad we had tidied up. The picture of the Tern is amazing, to have all the water drops in focus it must have been a fairly fast shutter speed and the focus is really tight. A great weekend socially and I’m looking forward to the next event this weekend, so far the weather is looking very suitable for a good sail. I hope Geoff can join us again with his big lens.

      • Yes Geoff’s pictures are very impressive, I think he definitely deserves the position of official club photographer, even if he doesn’t know it yet! Many thanks for organising an excellent weekend, looking forward to more trips this year.

    • Jill murphy

      We are interested in doing the day skipper practical course and have already done the theory course. Do you do this and if so when?
      Thanks jill and Pete murphy

      • Hi Jill / Pete, many thanks for getting in touch about training. I have passed your query on to our chief instructor who will get back to you.

      • Hi Jill and Pete, we run Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Theory Courses, but not the Practical Courses, so I’m afraid that we can’t help you this time. You should be able to find places on a Day Skipper Practical at one of the Sailing Schools in the Conwy area.

        We expect to run a VHF DSC Radio Course in April or May. If this is of interest to you, please let me know.


    • Steve Gorst

      Thank you for setting this up Austin. This is a great facility and will help to reduce the endless admin that we face in keeping track of everything that is due. I for one will be signing up for this.

    • Andrew Price

      Morning, I am interested in one of your courses but I am self employed and sometimes get called out over the weekend, if i was to enrol for one of the courses but then missed a day due to work, would there be a way of catching up?

    • John Broadhead

      NWCC Yachtsman of the Year was Tony Brooks, and his Yacht Amethyst : Well done Tony and well deserved . John Penny Diamond.

    • Howard Browes

      Obviously staged! Lorraine drinking water!!!!

    • Graham Bould

      I am trying to find more history of my 1933 Silver’s motor yacht that once belonged to a Mr. Ray M. Bradburn whom I believe was Commodore of the North Wales Cruising Club somewhere between 1965 and 1975; his boat was then known as Nivag. Are there any records that would confirm this? If so, is he still in touch with any current Club members? Any extra information from this period would be most welcome.
      With thanks and regards,
      Graham Bould.

      • I remember Nivag well, she was certainly in conwy for several years around 1970. My boat (then my Dads) was moored nearby. Roy Bradburn had two daughters, who I seem to recall married and both emigrated to Canada and New Zealand I think. I was aboard her for a trip out when we saw a boat on fire and rescued the skipper, then used the old Pye radiotelephone got him collected by the Beaumaris Insure Life boat, for a little medical attention..Before the days of mobile phones, even VHF was not common! I remember that I was at the wheel while Roy worked the radio, speed had to be reduces to minimise engine and electrical noise so he could here the radio! I would be interested to hear about Nivag history since then!

    • Andrei

      Hi, I was thrilled to see a photo of the boat Samara in your club. Being born in the city of Samara (Russia), I wonder if her owner has any connections with this city. If yes, could he/she email me – just for a chat? I live in Llandudno where I sail my GP14 “Annushka”. Thanks, Andrei

    • yvonne gregory

      I love to have a go at this. What about trying a sponsership to see if we can raise money for someone eg lifeboats?

      • That’s a great idea Yvonne. I’ve read that someone that works for St Davids Hospice has recently done that as well. We could ask around the club and make it a club donation perhaps.