Conwy Notice to Mariners 16/2022

All mariners are advised that a new yellow conical special mark, with a 10 knot speed advisory, has been laid to seaward of the Beacons Pontoon in Conwy Harbour.  The mark position is Lat. 053° 17.753’ North, Long 003° 50.422’ West.  The mark is lit with a yellow lantern, flash characteristic Fl Y 10s.

The 10 knot speed limit is a maximum and certain vessel hull types can still generate an excessive wash at speeds of 10 knots or less.  It is a matter of both good seamanship and safety to ensure excessive wakes are avoided so as not to potentially endanger other harbour users.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc MNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Conwy Local Notice to Mariners – Offshore Geotechnical Site Investigation

The Awel y Môr Offshore Wind Farm is an extension of the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm originally developed by RWE in the Irish Sea. The proposed site has a total area of 106km2 with a capacity of approximately 576 MW. The development will include offshore transmission assets, with the export cable route likely to reach landfall on the North Wales coast to allow a grid connection at Bodelwyddan in Denbighshire.

Fugro will undertake a geotechnical site investigation to characterise the Awel y Môr Offshore Wind Farm extension areas. This survey work is detailed in the attached document.

Conwy Notice to Mariners 12/2022

All Mariners are advised that Survey work will commence offshore at Conwy Bay and Red Wharfe Bay, commencing 17 June 2022 to 31 July 2022.  Coordinates and Charts are appended to this notice.  Mariners are advised to exercise caution if navigating close to the area marked due to the potential presence of survey equipment.

A further notice will be issued once the works are complete.

WaterbodySite NameEasting NorthingWGS84 Lat
WGS84 Long
WGS84 Lat
WGS84 Long
Conwy BayCWT 06527496038050653.30668-3.8780753°18.4010’N3°52.6844’W
Conwy BayCWT 00327499838158053.31634-3.8779353°18.9805’N3°52.6756’W
Conwy BayCWT 06827530838246353.32435-3.8736253°19.4609’N3°52.4173’W
Conwy BayCWT 07027535738126153.31356-3.8724153°18.8134’N3°52.3445’W
Conwy BayCWT 06727553938275453.32701-3.8702853°19.6209’N3°52.2165’W
Conwy BayCWC00126790238123753.31153-3.9842353°18.6921’N3°59.0540’W
Conwy BayCWC00226848438023653.30269-3.975153°18.1615’N3°58.5057’W
Conwy BayCWC00326941837854453.28772-3.9603853°17.2632’N3°57.6227’W
Conwy BayCWC00426923838180553.31697-3.9644253°19.0182’N3°57.8653’W
Conwy BayCWC00527102437840453.28686-3.9362653°17.2115’N3°56.1755’W
Conwy BayCWC00626993438267953.325-3.9543453°19.5000’N3°57.2604’W
Conwy BayCWC00727178637970153.2987-3.9253653°17.9219’N3°55.5215’W
Conwy BayCWC00827125038194853.31875-3.9343153°19.1249’N3°56.0585’W
Conwy BayCWC00927376838221753.32177-3.8966453°19.3064’N3°53.7981’W
Conwy BayCWC01027361538332453.33168-3.8993753°19.9010’N3°53.9624’W
Conwy BayCON00427012637773753.28065-3.9494453°16.8388’N3°56.9665’W
Conwy BayCON00927181138229453.32199-3.9260353°19.3197’N3°55.5617’W
Conwy BayCON01327277038280453.32681-3.9118453°19.6083’N3°54.7102’W
Conwy BayCON01427272538252253.32426-3.912453°19.4559’N3°54.7439’W
Conwy BayCON01527323838254653.3246-3.9047253°19.4762’N3°54.2829’W
Conwy BayCON01627304738218853.32134-3.9074353°19.2803’N3°54.4458’W
Conwy BayCON01727253738212453.32064-3.9150653°19.2384’N3°54.9036’W
Conwy BayCON01827273238168753.31676-3.9119753°19.0059’N3°54.7180’W
Conwy BayCON01927329538180653.31797-3.9035753°19.0780’N3°54.2140’W
Conwy BayCON02027356838220353.3216-3.8996353°19.2961’N3°53.9776’W
Conwy BayCON02127295238354053.33347-3.909453°20.0079’N3°54.5643’W
Conwy BayCON02227335138534053.34973-3.9041353°20.9839’N3°54.2481’W
Conwy BayCON02327104538356553.33323-3.9380453°19.9937’N3°56.2825’W
Conwy BayCON02526863038291153.32676-3.97453°19.6058’N3°58.4403’W
Conwy BayCON02626778638429153.33894-3.9872453°20.3364’N3°59.2347’W
Conwy BayCON02927372638644653.35976-3.8989653°21.5854’N3°53.9373’W
Conwy BayCON03027134038817853.37474-3.9354953°22.4844’N3°56.1295’W
Conwy BayCON03126844238749953.36793-3.9787453°22.0759’N3°58.7245’W
Conwy BayCON03327465638753153.36973-3.8854153°22.1837’N3°53.1247’W
Conwy BayCWC15c27031537980053.29922-3.9474553°17.9530’N3°56.8468’W
Conwy BayCWC20c27118938067853.30733-3.9347153°18.4399’N3°56.0823’W
Conwy BayCONFFC00126911438560253.35105-3.9678653°21.0629’N3°58.0715’W
Conwy BayCONFFC00227139138624653.3574-3.9339453°21.4442’N3°56.0361’W
Conwy BayCONFFC00327111838571753.35258-3.9378253°21.1546’N3°56.2692’W
Conwy BayCONFFC00427105338517853.34772-3.9385753°20.8630’N3°56.3143’W
Conwy BayCONFFC00527110738480753.3444-3.9376153°20.6641’N3°56.2566’W
Conwy BayCONFFC00627093738421753.33906-3.9399253°20.3435’N3°56.3950’W
Red Wharf BayRWB00125789938266253.32174-4.134953°19.3046’N4°08.0943’W
Red Wharf BayRWB00225577038215953.31665-4.1666153°18.9993’N4°09.9968’W
Red Wharf BayRWB00325712038374953.33131-4.1470853°19.8784’N4°08.8249’W
Red Wharf BayRWB00425486038235353.31815-4.1803553°19.0887’N4°10.8210’W
Red Wharf BayRWB00525269538703753.35962-4.21553°21.5774’N4°12.9002’W
Red Wharf BayRWB00625525538322953.32612-4.1748353°19.5673’N4°10.4901’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01025267338552153.346-4.2146353°20.7603’N4°12.8778’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01125373438380253.33086-4.1979153°19.8514’N4°11.8745’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01226002538283753.32388-4.1030853°19.4330’N4°06.1850’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01325931838375453.33194-4.114153°19.9164’N4°06.8460’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01425781438569553.34897-4.1375453°20.9383’N4°08.2525’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01525636738442853.3372-4.1586853°20.2318’N4°09.5210’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01625370238452553.33734-4.1987253°20.2405’N4°11.9234’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01725421538636153.35397-4.1918753°21.2384’N4°11.5122’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01825670238250753.32003-4.152853°19.2016’N4°09.1679’W
Red Wharf BayRWB01925362838566853.34758-4.2003753°20.8550’N4°12.0220’W
Red Wharf BayRWB02025518638390453.33217-4.1761853°19.9303’N4°10.5706’W
Red Wharf BayRWB02225266538417253.33387-4.2141253°20.0324’N4°12.8471’W
Red Wharf BayRWBFFR00125509938461153.33849-4.177853°20.3096’N4°10.6677’W
Red Wharf BayRWBFFR00225539838497253.34182-4.1734853°20.5092’N4°10.4085’W
Red Wharf BayRWBFFR00325548838520253.34391-4.1722453°20.6344’N4°10.3343’W
Red Wharf BayRWBFFR00425601438521353.34415-4.1643453°20.6493’N4°09.8603’W
Red Wharf BayRWBFFR00525616938577553.34925-4.1622853°20.9548’N4°09.7367’W

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc MNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Caernarfon Notice to Mariners 12/2022

On Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of June Caernarfon Harbour is hosting the OCRDA Powerboat racing.

Mariners are advised that there will be Powerboat and Jest ski racing in the area outside the River Seiont and Victoria Dock. There will be potential delays in being able to navigate inbound and outbound of both the River Seiont and the Victoria Dock. Please be patient and follow the official’s requests.

Navigation inside the BLUE area is strictly prohibited during the racing times.

Please contact the Dock Master on VHF ch80 for further info on the race days.

Race Admin – when not racing08:00 – 17:0008:00 – 17:00
Scrutineering08:00 – 18:0009:00 – 17:00
Launching10:45 – 12:3011:45 – 12:30
Combined Briefing, OCR, Jet Ski & Safety 10:00 – 10:4510:45 – 11:30
Offshore Jet Ski Races 1 & 3 – 25 min + Lap12:00 – 12:3013:00 – 13:30
OCR Races 1 & 3 – 25 min + Lap 12:45 – 13:1513:45 – 14:15
OCR Races 2 & 4 – 25 min + Lap 13:30 – 14:0014:30 – 15:00
Offshore Jet Ski Races 2 & 4 – 25 min + Lap 14:30 – 15:0015:30 – 16:00
1 2 3 4 18