Caernarfon Notice to Mariners 11/2023

On Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of August Caernarfon Harbour is hosting the OCRDA Powerboat racing.

Mariners are advised that there will be Powerboat and Jest ski racing in the area outside the River Seiont and Victoria Dock There will be potential delays in being able to navigate inbound and outbound of both the River Seiont and the Victoria Dock. Please be patient and follow the official’s requests.

Navigation inside the BLUE area is strictly prohibited during the racing times.

Please contact the Dock Master on VHF ch80 for further info on the race days.

Timetable (approximate)

Race Admin (When not Racing)15:00 – 17:0009:00 – 17:0009:00 – 15:30
Scrutineering (Majority to be done on Friday)15:00 – 17:0008:00 – 08:3008:00 – 08:30
OCR / Jet Ski / Safety Briefing09:00 – 09:30TBA – If Req
Launching OCR / Jet Ski09:30 – 11:0010:00 – 12:00
Jet Ski Races 1 & 3 – 25 min + Lap11:00 – 11:3012:00 – 12:30
OCR Races 1 & 3 – 25 min + Lap11:45 – 12:1512:45 – 13:15
OCR Races 2 & 4 – 25 min + Lap12:30 – 13:0012:45 – 13:15
Jet Ski Races 2 & 4 – 25 min + Lap15:00 – 15:3014:20 – 14:50
Prizegiving16:00 – TBC
Marina Gate ClosesHigh(09:50) 12:32(11:00) 13:04
Low 19:15 19:46

David John O’Neill
Harbwr Feistr Caernarfon Harbour Master

Conwy Notice To Mariners 10/2023

Mariners are advised that two spat collectors, a type of aquaculture equipment, will be deployed at the following locations on Thursday 17th August 2023. Both collectors will be buoyed and the equipment will be recovered in November / December. Please see attached a map attached illustrating these locations on the nautical chart.

Spat collectorLatitude Longitude
A53° 18.601973-3° 53.085061
B18.616743-3° 52.849268

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Caernarfon Notice to Mariners 10/2023

Mariners are advised that the Tidal Gate in Dock Victoria will not be operated on Thursday morning 07:00-08:42 10/08/2023 to allow necessary work to be carried out. The gate will only be closed for the morning tide. The gate will be operational as normal on the evening tide 15:22-21:13 10/08/2023

For all vessels movement relating to the Dock please contact the Dock master on [email protected]

This Notice to mariners will expire 15:22 on the 10/08/2023

Iwan Rees-Jones
Doc Feistr Caernarfon Dock Master

Conwy Notice to Mariners 08/2023

All mariners are advised that an underwater video survey will take place between the 13th to the 21st of July 2023 (weather dependent) at the Conwy Bay wild oyster restoration site.  A copy of the location and coordinates are attached to this notice. The equipment will be deployed from Bangor University vessel, Macoma, over slack high water and recovered after 2 hours. The vessel will remain in the area throughout to monitor the equipment.

Control site vector coordinatesLATLON

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Conwy Notice to Mariners 07/2023

All mariners are advised that three potential elevated areas of seabed have been identified within the Wild Oyster Restoration Project gravel deployment area (see LNtM 06/23). Surveying is to be carried out and a further notice will be issued.  The coordinates supplied are as follows:

53° 18′ 45.6588” N3° 52′ 34.2588” W
53° 18′ 47.0412” N3° 52′ 33.78” W
53° 18′ 46.8612” N3° 52′ 33.6612” W

Please also find the attached annotated chart. The data has not been verified and so this message is precautionary only.

Matthew Forbes
MSc LLB (hons) BSc AFNI
Conwy Harbour Master

Conwy Marina Notice to Mariners – June 2023

Sill Gate Maintenance

Works will commence on the 10th July 2023 for a period of approximately 5 days. All works will be carried out at basin impound when the gate is in the raised position and sill gate operations will continue as normal throughout the works.

Hoist Maintenance

The hoist will be out of action for 2 weeks from the 10th of July 2023. This temporary closure is necessary to carry out essential maintenance and ensure the safety and functionality of the hoist.

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